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Business Philosophy:
Market as Guidance, Technology as Driving force, Survival by Good Quality, Development by Research.

1. 1. To establish the enterprise management system and standard working process, and perform it. To standardize the staff’s behavior, to regulate and encourage the staff by scientific and effective system. To set up the working target of every department, every position and every employee, make the reasonable performance evaluation, and carry out target management. To achieve the target of the organization high efficiently through the team efforts, create high efficiency and maximize the output.
2. To bring up an efficient management team with strong leadership. The leader not only should have strategic foresight, set down long-term or short-term strategic target, but also have strong implementation capacity, put the objective into practice. Moreover, the leader is required to exert influence, inspire and guide the staff, authorize effectively, let the staff play out their potential completely, and lead all members to achieve the team target rapidly and efficiently.
3. To establish perfect enterprise’s culture; guide the behavior and ideology of staff by good philo-sophy. To summarize and abstract our own business philosophy system, including the value, mission, enterprise’s tenet, spirit and view of talents, and so on, create a healthy and positive atmosphere. So that the staff can not only improve the professional skills and overall quality, but also feel the warmth of the big family, then the enterprise and staff can long-term co-exist and sustainable develop.
Management is a process of dynamic change. There is no best but better. Management needs constant innovation, brave attempting and reform. Develop a management system suit to our owncharacteristics.



We cannot forecast the changing environment, but we can try our best to adapt to it. You will have more enjoyment, more contributions, more wealth, healthy body and a happy family by selecting the correct psychology and a good living habit. 1. The Function of Correct Psychology: It is shown that the reason of success, achievement and promotion: 85% is the attitude; just 15% is the professional skill. Attitude changes the life.
2. Positive Results created by Active Attitude: A great man said: “No great thing can be achieved without enthusiasm.” The enthusiasm is out performance of internal feeling; insist on doing what you like. Attitude decides achievements.
3. Self-Confidence: Self-confidence is the power source of all actions. No confidence, no action. If you are self-confident, you will be energetic and feel that you can do and should do.
4. The Action: The immediate action is most persuasive. The plan can be carried out, the target can be achieved and the performance can be reflected if only you act.
5. The Tolerance: The talent can be full played only by keeping a good mood. As an employee, you will meet various colleagues with different characters, so it requires us to tolerate their words, their working styles. Be modest and avoid upgrading of contradiction in case of conflict.
6. Double wins: We cannot damage the interests of the enterprise for our personal interests. No enterprise means no small families. The enterprise is without profit, no interest for you either.
7. The Contribution: Ask for higher income on condition that you have higher professional skills and make contributions to the enterprise. No qualification to ask for something but contribute. That is to say no pain, no gain.
8. Learning: In the face of knowledge explosion and competition in the modern society, everyone is required to reinforce learning so as to improve quality and professional skills.
9. To be the Boss: Thinking as a boss, taking actions as a boss. If you have boss’s attitude, you will know what you should do and what you can not do. Otherwise, you will never be approved or appointed to an important position by the boss.