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Technological superiority
Advantages of Blister products
1. Mold Technology
Imported mirror steel and reasonable technology are used to produce high-precision die, which lays the foundation for high-quality products.
2. Material selection
The selected imported acrylic (PMMA) foam shell based on high precision die is transparent, without internal contamination, deformation, uniform shape, no waste edge, no abnormal dissolution marks and scratches.
3. Machining
A special precision machine tool is used to process the inner cavity, which makes the inner cavity axis coincide with the center of the shell. The inner cavity dimension is axisymmetric with respect to the center. The high point of the inner cavity arc is located in the center of the shell, which makes the turning accuracy of the product less than 2%. The inner cavity is transparent and clean, and there is no visible trace of processing after irrigation.
4. Level fluid
After years of research and development, with a unique formula of filling liquid, bubbles after impact, in 1 second to recover immediately into a complete bubble. The filling liquid is clear and transparent. There is no solid suspension and turbidity in the environment of T=-20 C. The color can be yellow-green or other according to customer's requirements.
Using automatic filling technology, the bubble size is uniform, and the operation is efficient and high quality.
After high precision ultrasonic welding, the level bubbles have no cracks, the welding gear is transparent and clear, and the welding is even and firm. So that no leakage occurs 4 hours after the level bubble irrigation is tested at high temperature T=80 ~C.

Horizontal ruler product advantages
1. Mold Technology
The use of high-quality steel, reasonable process, manufacturing of plastic molds, to create a level of high-quality accessories to lay the foundation.
2. Material Selection and Injection Molding
Selection of high-quality plastics, based on high-quality mold forming product accessories, complete and full without deformation, scratch, no waste edge, no color difference, meet the requirements of coordination.
3. Advanced Production Technology
3-1) Apply reasonable equipment to process horizontal rulers and fittings to meet technical standards; for high-end products, especially add parallel degree detection and deburring process.
3-2) For products to be milling, special high-precision milling machine and special cutter are used to ensure that the milling surface is parallel and bright.
3-3) For products requiring spraying or oxidation, high-quality plastic powder spraying or advanced oxidation process surface treatment is adopted.
4. Finished products
Based on our company's high quality level bubbles and accessories, as well as the use of PAT electronic image enlargement detection in the debugging site, the accuracy of the horizontal ruler produced by our company has reached 1m m/m (first class) or even 0.5m m/m (first class); the product is firmly assembled and can withstand the drop test, and the magnetic product has passed the suction test, and its strength has reached more than 3 times of its own weight.

Management advantage

Market advantage